Inspiring Quote By Voltaire

Inspiring Quote By Voltaire

“The most important decision you make is to be in a good mood.”Voltaire

This quote has the one inspired me recently. This is a very meaningful quote that every person should follow in life.

I’m a quick-tempered person. I’ve always had a bad habit of shouting at colleagues who take work-related things lightly, even if it’s the boss. Quitting the job in anger became my regular routine. My colleagues who knew my character would come home and takes me back. There have been incidents where I have quit the job even twice a day. And now it all seems like a joke. When I worked with people who knew that I behave in that way because of my sincerity towards my work, they did not care about my attitude. Later whenever I got angry, they blocked my way to the door for a while and tried to resolve my problem, and tried to make me laugh. When my anger calms down, then I wouldn’t feel like resigning.

When the job changed, I had the same sincerity and anger. But there were fewer people around me like old colleagues who can really understand that. Then I realized that my attitudes towards the problems need to be changed. It was then that the significance of these lines was realized.

Do not make a decision not only when you are angry but also when you are very frustrated. It may be too late to realize for yourself that it was not the right decision. And also when you are happy, you should be careful about making decisions in that good mood too. Excitement can often lead to human error. So whether the mood is good or bad, it is always better to make decisions after that mood has changed.

When someone tells you another person’s negatives or mistakes, anger flares up inside. If you talk to that person at that time, not you, it will be the anger who will talk to them. That can lead to other problems. Hold for a while, remove the negativity from the information you got and then talk to them. It will be a better conversation and give you a better understanding of the actual problem.

In our 7th class Malayalam-II textbook, there was a lesson “Circus”. In that story a lion whenever getting angry, always a small chimpanzee suddenly jumps in front of him and pulled his beard and asked him to count 1 to 100. When he starts counting the numbers he slowly forgets the anger and becomes calm. It is the method now I am applying to control my anger.

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