Peace begins with a Smile

Peace Begins With A Smile – Smile Quote

“Peace begins with a Smile.”Inspiring Smile Quote by Mother Teresa

When you see these words of Mother Teresa, do you not think of the smiling face of that mother? That smiling face itself gives the same message to the world. Smile always! Simply smile at everyone.

The innocent smile of a toddler gives our minds an indescribable joy. The baby in our arms, the baby we see on the TV, internet, or magazine ad, the baby in the video on social media, it does not matter where you see, but that smile will spread on your lips without you knowing. At the same time, in any state of mind, we experience an unknown joy and peace within our minds. We should always wear that innocent smiles on our lips to give the same happiness to others. A smile is a way to spread happiness. One’s beauty increases when one laughs. Everyone will look beautiful when they laugh. When we smile and see laughter, we forget our sorrows and troubles, at least for a while.

Smile without expecting it in return. Smile indiscriminately at acquaintances or strangers, friends or enemies. Of course, you should smile more at the person you never want to laugh at. The reason is the same; peace begins with a smile. No doubt it will help to erase the stains on your and his mind.

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