Prove Yourself to Yourself Not Others – Self Motivation Quote

“Prove yourself to yourself not others.”Inspiring Self Motivation Quote by Anonymous

Many people do many things even though they don’t like it, just because they feel about what other people will think. Many people do things that they do not like or do not want to do so that they do not become guilty in front of others tomorrow. what are you trying to prove to others? Who are you trying to prove? Everyone might not be able to understand sincerity in your ethics. We can’t satisfy everyone. Often what we do is if one of our parents likes it the other will not like it at all. Then who else do you want to understand?

Instead of trying to prove ourselves to others, we should spend our time sincerely doing what we think is right. No one else knows you as well as you do. Only you can know for sure what your desires and needs are and what is comfortable for you. Even the clothes you wear are liked by some people and some people don’t. When you think of dressing in a way that gets everyone’s attention and makes them all happy, you will just get tired of doing it. You just have to choose the outfits that make you comfortable and make you happy.

This is just an example. it is applicable to every small thing you do in your everyday life. Others will try to interfere with your diet, exercise, sleep, work, friendships, weddings, entertainment, and even your doctor’s appointment. There can be no problem without hearing two opinions, and above all nothing can be solved by satisfying both people. Why give in to other’s distorted ideas when you can make your way? Do you want to eat something? eat it. Do you feel like dieting? do it. It is up to you. Of course, You have the right to decide when and how to do it.

It does not matter what position you have in the outlook of the others, it’s matters what you feel inside you. If you are perfect in front of your conscience you have succeeded.

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