Inspiring Quote By Buddha

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”– Buddha

The past may be sometimes beautiful, scary, painful, or intolerable but it’s just a dream now. When you wake up, sometimes that dream stays and sometimes fades in your memory.
The future is a worry. A dream, which we don’t know if it will happen. Only the present moment is the truth. The joy or sadness we feel right now is the proof that we are alive. If your today is good, your past and future will be good.
I love to live in the present. So this quote is my all-time favorite quote.
The same thing is in this old Hindi song which I like to listen to.

“आगे भी जाने न तू, पीछे भी जाने न तू
जो भी है बस यही एक पल है।”

” Aage bhi jaane na tu, peeche bhi jaane na tu
Jo bhi hei bas yahi ek pal hei.”

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