Inspiring Attitude Quote

Inspiring Attitude Quote

“Don’t get my personality and my attitude twisted, because my personality is me, and my attitude depends on you.”Inspiring Attitude Quote by Anonymous

Don’t know who written this inspiring attitude quote, but it is absolutely right. One’s behavior toward another depends on how the other person treats him. Whether it is respect, love, or enmity, its intensity depends on how one treats the other. If I treat two people differently when they have the same environment and circumstances, it is because of the difference in the way those two people treat me.

I react in the same way that each person treats me. I will laugh and talk to those who are friendly and I will put a gap at those who put gaps to me.

I have a few friends who think I am very talkative and humorous. But most people think that I don’t talk much and a very shy person. Both are correct. I open up to my loved ones, tell jokes, share my sorrows and happiness, some times will argue and advise them. Because I believe I have the freedom to do so. That belief comes from the way they treat me. When a crisis strikes, the attitude of those who stand with us will reflect on that. It depends on the presentation of someone whether we take it lightly and solve or take it as a big issue and quarrel with others.

One’s personality cannot be changed for others. If you think someone’s attitude towards you is bad; just believe, that is what you deserve. Just change your attitude towards them and then see what change you can see in their attitude.

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