Inspiring Quote By Voltaire

Inspiring Quote By Kobe Bryant

“Everything negative-pressure, challenges – is all an opportunity for me to rise.”Kobe Bryant

Obviously we get negative pressure and challenges throughout our lives. At the school, office, family everywhere you have to face it. But you have to make all the things positively and face life with a smile to rise up.

When I first started a job in a bank I have to write lots of things all day. My handwriting is too bad that everybody started to mock me up, primarily my boss. First I fight them with my tongue and told them that even the handwriting of Mahatma Gandhi was not good but he brought us freedom so it is not a matter. Eventually, I felt very embarrassing when other staff were not let me do any of my writing jobs. I felt that I am not good enough to do any office work and my career is going to an end.

Even at this time, I don’t like my handwriting but also never tried to change it. But that words were enough to erase all the negative impact given by the ex-boss and staff. After that I have done my writing jobs myself sometimes I got teasing again but that is not hurting things for me. Now all the jobs are done on the computer so it is not an issue for me nowadays.

It was not one matter I faced in my career; lots of pressure and challenges were there to face. All those pressure made me crazy but I have done my job with my heart and struggled with everyone to overcome and make it a success. All those struggles made me strengthen and raised me up.

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