Understanding the silence

Understanding The Silence – Quote by Elbert Hubbard

“He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words.” — Elbert Hubbard

Understanding the silence of a person needs to know the person well enough. Silence is a storm of words, which speaks loudly. There are two possibilities that incite you to remain silent. The first one, when one can understand you without any words, and another is when you feel one can’t understand your words.

What you want to tell the world, definitely need to speak out. But if its echo will annoy only your eardrums, it is better to remain silent. When you are silent there is no argument, no attack, no betray, only the silent conversation. Be silent when your innocence can’t be proved in words, be silent when your love can’t be expressed in words, be silent when your words only can hurt someone. When your honesty, personality and pride are deliberately questioned, know that none of your words are worth it. At that moment, no place for anything there other than your silence. Silence is your best answer to the one who doesn’t value your words.

Listen to the silence, it has to speak so many things. One’s silence expresses more than their words, especially when you have too many questions. But you need the skill to understand the silence which is full of answers and need the wisdom to realize that silence is the sharper sword. Break the silence, if you think your words are beautiful, expressive and worth than your silence.

Silence does not mean that nothing left never to say. Silence means I do not want to argue or fight anymore. Silence means I am fed up with expressing my feelings and thoughts. Silence means I do not agree with you but adapted myself to it and the circumstance. Silence means I am moving with the changes happening in my life. Silence means I don’t want to waste my words and time on you. Silence means there are no words that can explain what goes on in my mind.

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